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Ducklings News 10.09.21

Welcome to nursery! We’ve had a few tears, but the children are now settling in well and are having a wonderful start in Ducklings. We have all really enjoyed getting to know new faces and becoming reacquainted with old friends. The nursery has been full of giggles and it’s brilliant to see so many happy faces. The children have been busy exploring their new environment and finding new ways to play with their newest friends. We have been experimenting with playdough, even making some ourselves. This week we made the most of the good weather and spent most of our days outside exploring the colours of the trees and printing handprints to recreate the leaves. We’ve spent a lot of time playing in water and mud as we build towards spending lots of time in the outdoor classroom. It’s been really great to see such impressive mixing and building but also sharing and conversation skills. We’re looking forward to developing our painting skills and creating some lovely artwork that can be taken home.

Week 1 Star of the Week - Liana


Ducklings News 24.09.21

We have had a busy fortnight in Ducklings, it has been wonderful to see the children play so happily as they become more familiar with the nursery environment, the staff and the other children. We have been lucky with some lovely weather and have spent most of our time playing outside. The children have really enjoyed playing with the water and mud and have made some fantastic pipelines getting water into the water tray. We have had plenty of mud pies, mud cakes and even some mud porridge! The children showed great perseverance when outside, especially when their pipes and tubes kept falling over. The children have spent a lot of times on the bikes and scooters and it has been lovely to see the children fetching helmets for each other and making sure that everyone has had a turn. Inside we have been looking at nursery rhymes and songs that they can all join in. We are particularly good at “Old McDonald”. As a class we are really enjoying playing with the animals inside and out, there have been plenty of different houses and habitats built for our animals and the children have enjoyed impersonating them around the classroom. We have played a lot of games of hide and seek outside with the children exploring the full outside area. The hide and seek has encouraged children to count to 10 which is fantastic. For story time we have read and watched The Gruffalo as it is a favourite of both children and staff. The children have settled in well to sitting down at the end of the day for a story. We have also had a few children stand up and tell us about their families and pets, thank you to those that have put some lovely photos on Seesaw. The children are very proud to talk about their families and it is lovely to hear about their favourite toys and activities outside of Ducklings Class. Please do continue to share pictures and messages on Seesaw as it allows us to pick up on the interests of the children and build on them when they are with us.

Week 2 Star of the Week - Lawson 

Week 3 Star of the Week - Lenny 


Duckling News 08.10.2021

In Ducklings the children have started playing with sounds and passing “secret codes” around the group using claps, stamps and clicks. We have been listening out for all the sounds around school and seeing what we recognise. We have focussed our story and English time around The Three Little Pigs story. The children have been learning to retell the story using stick puppets. They particularly like the Big Bad Wolf and huffing and puffing to blow down the house. We built our house of sticks in the playground which was eventually huffed and puffed down! The children have carried on building houses with the bricks and blocks in the classroom and this has led to some very impressive builds. Our maths work this week has been around the number “3”. We have looked at our story and designed three bags of wool to go with some very delightful rainbow sheep that some of the children have made. The children have done super work using our Numicon and have managed to sort them by colour, shape and by number. We do our counting songs every day and are beginning to represent numbers with our fingers whilst singing the songs. For World Animal Day we drew some super animals and made some pigs for our story. There were snakes, cows, horses, cats and dogs drawn which was lovely to see the children thinking of so many different creatures. On National Poetry Day we looked at the works of Julia Donaldson and the children picked their favourite books for us to read. We looked at the rhymes and the children were able to guess at and complete lines of the stories from hearing the line before. As this week was space week we also made rockets out of our blocks and on Friday made our own rockets using tubes.

Week 4 Star of the Week - Edward

Week 5 Star of the Week - Amelia


Ducklings Class News 21.10.21

In our last few weeks of our Autumn half term the children have been looking at the celebration of harvest. We have looked at how food is harvested and through to how it arrives in our houses. The children dug up carrots and pumpkins and have enjoyed using them in a variety of ways all week. We have decorated them and used them in our home area kitchen, we have looked at how the pumpkins roll and the ways in which we can transport them around the classroom and finally what they look like when we cut them up. We have finished our work with the Three Little Pigs, retelling the story and imitating our own versions. There have been some excellently acted retellings, so please ask your child about this (especially the Big Bad Wolf). We have been representing the number three in different ways including playing games where the children gathered three items, sometimes animals, sometimes items of different colours. Our phonics games have really come along in the last few weeks, the children have been very good at “passing the code” and making new codes for each other to try. The children have also made minions and rockets to take home, using their painting and crafting skills that we hope they will be able to show you at home over the half term. These last few days we have begun on our Autumn wreaths, copying and mixing colours themselves matching the leaves on the trees. We have also updated our seasons tree so that it closely resembles the tree outside of our window. Our final activities of the half term will be making our Halloween monsters that the children can use as decorations at home. Ducklings Class hope you have a lovely half term and we look forward to seeing you again at the beginning of November.

Week 6 Star of the Week - Reggie

Week 7 Star of the Week - Marnie-Lee