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Building Self -Confidence with Natalie Costa

On Thursday 30th September, we joined award-winning education coach and author of the Level Headers book series, Natalie Costa, for an online workshop, helping the children to understand and manage their feelings in a healthy and shame-free way.

A new school year can be both exciting and daunting for the children, with navigating friendship groups, sitting tests and fitting in all being causes of worry. During the live session, Natalie guided the children through her practice with interactive activities that the children completed during the webinar.

Here are some comments from Hare Class:

“Drawing the brave body picture made me feel calm.”

“I enjoyed doing the Brave body poses. These made me really calm and feel confident.”

“Now we know when we are worried, we can do the circles sheet about how we feel and how we can change our actions and thoughts to feel positive about something we were worrying about.”

“When I feel tired or stressed, I use the take 5 breathing. It really helps.”

“We found the strategies really helpful. We are now using the strategies we learnt about yesterday.”