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Cleobury Mortimer Primary School

Curriculum Statement


Mission Statement

“Enjoying and Achieving Together”


At Cleobury Mortimer Primary School we offer our children a broad and balanced curriculum that fulfils the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum 2014. Our aim is to deliver a curriculum that is lively, engaging and centred on high quality first hand experiences. We have high expectations of our children in all subjects; work is presented to high standard and informative marking ensures children know how to improve their work.

Children and adults work in an environment of mutual respect and trust which contributes to a very positive learning environment.

Within our curriculum, we promote fundamental British Values. Children are expected to:

  • follow the school rules and develop a respect for and understanding of the law;
  • respect the rights of others;
  • treat others fairly;
  • care for themselves and their family and look after their environment.

We also take every opportunity to teach the children how to stay safe, including developing an awareness of online safety. These values and focus on safety are promoted throughout everyday life at Cleobury Mortimer Primary School, and through many areas of the curriculum.

The statutory curriculum is complemented by a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities including:

  • Clubs: sports, music, crafts, gardening, audio book club and fencing.
  • Trips: each class goes on at least one trip each year to complement the work they do in class. This includes visits to places of worship, including a trip to a Gurdwara to develop the children’s understanding of other religions and cultures with the UK.
  • Visitors: outside expertise and visitors are used to broaden and enhances children’s learning.
  • Residential: Year 6 go for a week long residential every year giving them the opportunity to learn skills and take part in activities we cannot facilitate at school. Additionally, they learn about independence and responsibility in a secure and supported environment whilst building their teamwork skills.
  • STEM: to enrich the curriculum we have STEM events each term, many of which include visitors from industry to inspire the children.
  • Link with Trust secondary school: we have strong PE and STEM links with Lacon Childe School where children take part in many sporting events as well as going up for a STEM lesson each half term.  This also helps to secure a smooth transition to secondary education.
  • Library: every week a Key Stage 2 class visits the library to choose new reading books to promote a love of reading.
  • Parents: to share the exciting curriculum activities and promote a greater understanding of their child’s learning, parents / carers are invited in each half term.
  • Outdoor learning with our learning mentor and his team:  whole classes, groups and individual children experience outdoor learning opportunities each week to encourage resourcefulness, resilience and enjoyment of the environment.
  • Links with the local community: the children receive visits from the Town Councillors and work on joint projects to improve the community.