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For admissions to the Reception application must be made through Shropshire Council by 15th January in the academic year prior to which your child is due to start school. All applications received by this date will be considered and parents will be informed by Shropshire Council on 16th April/ if they have been allocated a place for their child. Please see the Parents Guide to Education booklet on the website and also for details of the admission arrangements.

Admissions Criteria:

Children with a Statement of Special Educational Needs or Education and Health Care Plan which names Cleobury Mortimer Primary School will be allocated places, after which places are allocated up to the Published Admission Number of 37 according to an agreed set of criteria in strict order of priority as shown below.

1. Looked After Children who are in Public Care or children who were Looked After but ceased to be so because they were adopted as defined in the School Admissions Code.

2. Children living inside the designated catchment area will have priority of admission. If there are not enough places for all the children in the catchment area then the following criteria for admission will apply in order:

2a. Priority will be given to children living within the catchment area who will have an older sibling at the school on the day they are due to start school.

2b. After that, priority will be given to other children who live within the catchment area.

3. If there are spaces still available after the above criteria have been applied, children living outside the designated catchment area will be offered places according to the following criteria:

3a. Children who will have an older sibling at the school on the day they are due to start school.

3b All other children. Each category will be rank ordered according to the distance from home to school as a straight line measurement.


A sibling connection is defined as a brother or sister, step-brother or step-sister, half-brother or half-sister, living at the same address as part of the same family unit and of compulsory school age (i.e. 5 – 16 years). Adopted siblings are also Shropshire Gateway Educational Trust included. Older siblings must be attending the school on the date the younger sibling is due to start there. However, cousins or other relatives who take up residence in a home in order to establish an ‘in catchment area’ address will not be given priority under the sibling criterion. 

For admissions purposes all distances are measured as a straight line distance on a computerised mapping system between the home address and the nearest entrance gate of the relevant school by pinpointing their eastings and northings. The shortest distance being given highest priority. Where two addresses are within the same block of flats, the lowest number of flat nearest the ground floor will be deemed to be the nearest in distance.

In the event that two applications are exactly the same after all other criteria have been taken into account a tie breaker will be used. This will be by random allocation and overseen by an independent party not connected with the admissions process.

If unsuccessful on allocation day, Shropshire Council will offer a review when the waiting list will be formed from those parents who advise the Admissions Team that they wish to pursue a place at the school. At the end of the review period, parents who have still not been successful in securing a place have the right to appeal against the decision. Parents may remain on the waiting list from the review period onwards.

For the first term of Reception Shropshire Council will continue to maintain a waiting list for unsuccessful applicants. If any vacancies arise, places will be offered to applicants on the waiting list in strict accordance with normal published oversubscription criteria.

Mid-term or In-Year applications

Mid-term applications will be dealt with using the same admissions criteria given above. To apply for a place other than the start of Reception, parents should apply directly to the school on a mid-term application form available the Shropshire Council website or from school. If there is a space in the relevant year group a place will be granted. If the application is for a place in an over-subscribed year group then the Headteacher will meet the Chair of Governors to consider whether additional places can be offered above the published admission number.

If a place cannot be offered, parents will receive a formal letter and information on how to appeal against the decision from Shropshire Council Admissions Team.

Other than the first term of Reception, the school will maintain a waiting list for unsuccessful applicants. If any vacancies arise, places will be offered to applicants included on the waiting list in strict accordance with normal published oversubscription criteria. If a place can be offered the applicant will be expected to take up the place within 6 school weeks or by the start of the next half term, whichever is the earliest date, with the exception of Reception children who have deferred entry until later in the same academic year. If an offer of a place Shropshire Gateway Educational Trust is refused, the name will be removed from the waiting list. At the end of the first term of the academic year of admission, the waiting list will transfer from Shropshire Council to the school.

Allocation of places for children moving into Shropshire Council’s designated catchment area can only be considered when formal confirmation (signed tenancy agreement when no property is owned, or exchange of contracts ) of the address has been received.

All applicants are required to give correct information about the genuine residential address of the child. Where any information regarding a home address is found to be fraudulent or misleading a school place may be withdrawn even if the child has been admitted to the school.

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