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School Council

The school council meets at least once every half term to discuss general issues or something specific that has been raised for us.

We have been involved with improving the after school clubs as we chose which clubs we would like and asked Mrs. Desborough if she could sort them out for us.

For World Kindness Week, the school council decided what things we should be doing in and around school and talked to their classes about the importance of kindness.

Some of the school council representatives had a meeting Philip Dunne, our local MP, who came to talk to the older children about parliament and democracy.

We met with a representative from 'The Friends' to think about what we would like in school to make our time here even better. We have asked our class to come up with their ideas and make a list.

We looked at new football kits for the school team and asked each class to vote on which one they preferred.

It is lovely that all of the classes are represented and even the younger children have great ideas and ask some very important questions.  In our meetings, many of the questions are answered by the older children who have such good knowledge of the school and are very keen to be involved and help out where they can.