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School Lunch Information

Shire Services provide balanced, nutritious and freshly prepared tasty meals every day for the whole school.

The cost of a Nursery lunch is £2.30 per meal.

There are no charges for meals in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 classes as these are all Universal Free School Meals.

The cost of lunches in Year 3 - Year 6 classes inclusive are £2.30 per meal.

Payment can be made and meals can be pre-ordered too using the online sQuid system.  Please find below a link to their website:

Please note, that if your child is entitled to any free school meals, although you will not need to top up, you are still required to register their account so that you can access the meal pre-order calendar and select their meal choices.

Once you have created a sQuid account for your child, you will be able to:

· Top up their account from your bank account, credit or debit card

· Enable Auto top up so that they never run out of funds

· Check their account balance

· View their transactions

· Manage their account using the convenient mobile app

We thank you for your anticipated support in using sQuid.

Please contact the school office via email or telephone 01299 270 313 who will happily give you details for creating a sQuid account.